The best mobile Android games and login without disclosing your identity

The best mobile Android games and login without disclosing your identity
Published in : 07 Apr 2024

The best mobile Android games and login without disclosing your identity

Mobile games, especially those short ones, are meant to be played when you are idle or don't feel like doing anything productive. A great majority of the great games, and indeed the majority of the ones which had millions and millions of fans among the PC gamers, have been ported over to Android and iOS platforms. Moreover, we cannot ignore the classic pack of just amazing applications comprising the game Angry Birds.

Amongst Minecraft, GTA, Fahrenheit and others, PC games like Minecraft ported Android have proven to be technically perfect.

Nowadays, the average Android users consume games that used to be only for PC lovers before. Some of the most popular are:Some of the most popular are:

  • Minecraft
  • Grand Theft Auto
  • Mortal Kombat
  • Need for Speed Most Wanted
  • The Sim
  • FIFA
  • Heroes of Might and Magic
  • Titan Quest
  • Bully: Scholarship Edition
  • Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy
  • SimCity
  • Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven
  • Deus Ex.

Mafia: The human experience is a complex and profound phenomenon that cannot be fully expressed through language alone. Like the intricate weaving of a tapestry, human existence consists of countless interconnected strands that come together to create a tapestry of meaning.

Deus Ex.

Each of these will force hardcore gamers to beat to their hearts. Moreover, after today you can play each of the one listed games on Android and iOS. As such, if you have never tried those indie games before, you may want to give them a shot on your mobile device. In the next paragraph I would like to introduce some of those very pleasing game that I used to play a lot in my childhood.

What Temp-Mail is a requirement for the mobile gaming?

They include in-game items which are bought or are their selling ads. Developers intend to either achieve financial success or return their investment back. Such as, the user is asked to fulfill tasks on Facebook or join a website and enter an email with a personal account and it is only intended to bring pleasant bonuses of the game, for instance, game resources, boosters, etc.

Speaking to true-to-life people and not mentioning your physical or logically revealed contact details is one of the key requirements that are the only texts that make you a real winner and game owner. I will teach you how to get a bonus coin in Angry Birds with the help the Temp-Mai email service addon. We will not provide your real email address or the Facebook account (or any other social media profile you may have) for public viewing to another party.

Make the following steps:

1. Download Angry Birds for Android from Google Play Store and install it:1. Download Angry Birds for Android from Google Play Store and install it:

2. Install the Temp Mail - Temporary Email application:2. Install the Temp Mail - Temporary Email application:

3. App) as it does not use a lot of resources at system level which will enable the user to immediately get informed through notifications about the new messages. When installing and starting the messenger, you will receiev a temporary email address as well which you can use for registering during games and social media.

4. We will get stuck into the game and give a little try. In approximately 15 to 20 minutes, you will be given a choice to launch Facebook and be awarded 5 tickets (a special game reward that will give access to championship playoffs - within this event). Within each round of the tournament, one tickets is consumed. Failure to make it through to the next round will cost you one more entry ticket to the game. In such game wallets, you can buy by paying real money or using in-game activities, for example, performing some actions.

5. At the first quarter, there is a rotating Facebook picture with a ticket at the top right corner. In this case, the image of a logo will be used as a link to the main page of the social network. You may have used your Facebook for playing games when 'Temp-Mail' service existed; but now let’s create a completely new account through it as an anonymous email provider.

6. Having completed the forms that are required by Facebook systems, you will receive a Confirm Registration letter by e-mail from Facebook as well.Confirm it.

7. On the Envelope icon, an interesting number will be displayed, which indicates the number of emails in waiting. I`m standing there with a 25kg backpack in my hands while the only email that I have received from Facebook is one with a confirmation code.

8. Here, start with your new gaming account and get 5 tickets immediately. That will be the first side, you did not use your friends list to post game info.

For instance, there are Temp-Mail disposable email services which have been designed by the principle of other Android/iOS games, thus all the Temp-Mail disposable emails will be highly required for the users many situations.

Popular Android games


First is unquestionable a thing that Minecraft for Android is having the top of downloads. At the playtime, it is quite ordinary to build up the institutions and sites but for me it is always perfect and fresh. The player can do everything in Minecraft (including skydiving, horseback riding, building and breaking everything. etc.) with total freedom and no snapshot linear gameplay. However, far from being just another life simulator in this game, you will be able to feel like a super constructor and God. For example, you can find lots of materials and various possibilities in gameplay – it is really up to you to exercise your creativity as you want it to be the perfect world for you.

Grand Theft Auto series

As of writing, there are three GTA parts ported onto Android: Michael spoke about his shut-in life in Liberty City(3), Vice City and San Andreas, where he was often at home doing nothing. I prefer the first two games; the most populated game in the series Liberty City has left the biggest impression in my mind. And I find it hard to resist San Andreas due to its variety in gameplay. I also can not take a chance playing the final game because of the low grade graphics. Furthermore, the main character is no superhero and everything keeps very basic. For instance, not everyone even like footsteps echoing and boarded up buildings in the game including me.

The GTA 3: Liberty City pleasure play would be preferable to vice city given that their bike or scooters are absent. Struggle with the artist's spirit? Go VC. The GTA 3 world is represented so high without being smearing and without any strange empty landscapes as in SA.

Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy

This is a truly stunning game that stands out among other mobile-compatible gaming solutions for its eye-popping detective storyline. The game looks like a real thriller; it immerses you from the very start and holds your interest until you complete all the levels to the end. Your aim is to help Lucas Kane, the main protagonist of the game, who is convicted of a murder that he does not remember. Help him understand what has happened and who put him in a frame. The game boasts of professional voice-over, amazing visuals, a wide choice of options in every stage, and enticing music by Angelo Badalamenti. The game has many fans. If you fail to advance on any stage, you can register on any of the game forums using a temporary email address, and ask your questions to other game enthusiasts.

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Need for Speed Most Wanted

This is a well-known game for all fans of quality car simulators. Great news is that it has been made compatible with Android devices. The game has everything to take the fancy of every race lover: numerous exclusive sports cars with tuning options, a set of race tracks, impressive graphics and special effects. NFSMW is the best game for fun and entertainment.

Angry birds developer ROVIO

Angry Birds stands for an arcade hit with versions WAY over dozens run out of it in 2020. Enough to play the game yourselves, I noticed that there is an original version available for installation so it would be better for you to do so. Your challenge is to gun through a group of mean pigs with the help from a team of birds that you launch with a slingshot. At first sight, the gameplay seem to be very straightforward and simple but as you keep on playing, you will stumble upon that it can become mind-blowing fun. Veam ieldest another round! Dash to the shreds of those cunning pigs! In Angry Birds, the player can participate in various tournaments that has a number of leagues: In the aftermath of the game, practice makes the difference, and your determination is the factor that will determine whose name becomes the champion for that day. Angry Birds is a widely known game which is among the top animators at home entertainment.