SPAM using DuckDuckGo's Temporary Email Addresses.

SPAM using DuckDuckGo's Temporary Email Addresses.
Published in : 05 Apr 2024

SPAM using DuckDuckGo's Temporary Email Addresses.

Managing your privacy online can be hard today. This is especially true for your email. This is where DuckDuckGo Email Protection comes in. Originally exclusive to invitees, this free email forwarding service is now open to everyone. It lets you quickly create a private email address. You can do this without changing your email provider or app.

But before diving into this, let's briefly detour to A perfect complement to DuckDuckGo's services, offers email solutions for those seeking temporary or more permanent email options. Whether for a temporary email, burner email, or even a fake email address, has covered you

DuckDuckGo's new Email Protection makes it easier to protect emails. It provides a free ' ' email address for use. In addition, it offers unlimited, one-time use email addresses. You can use them for sending and receiving messages.

Personal Email

When you sign up for DuckDuckGo's Email Protection, you can get two types of Duck addresses. The first is your address. Emails received here will be stripped of trackers and forwarded to your email address. This address is ideal for sharing with friends, family, or acquaintances.

One-Time Use Email

The other type of email is the one-time use email. DuckDuckGo's Email Protection is on many browsers and systems. It's not just for Apple devices, unlike Apple's Hide My Email.

A random string added by ' ' is generated when you create a one-time email. Here's an example:

One-time email addresses work well for signing up for free trials or mailing lists. If your email address is compromised and sold, you can quickly deactivate it.

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Signing Up

Upgrade to the latest version and open Settings to enable Email Protection in the DuckDuckGo mobile app on iOS or Android. Select Email Protection from the list of options.

On a desktop, go to Use the DuckDuckGo browser extension. It is available on Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and Brave. You can also use DuckDuckGo for Mac.


Everyone needs a service like DuckDuckGo Email Protection. It shields them from ads and the risks of having their email sold.

Get your free DuckDuckGo email address today and experience enhanced email privacy!